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26 Oct 10

Blackjack is one of the handful of games where you are able to acquire an advantage over the gambling establishment.

This is some thing it is possible to discover and profit from swiftly and easily.

Prior to you find out to card count however, you ought to be familiar with black jack basic system, the technique that all card-counting methods are based upon.

Here we will introduce you to why card counting works and dispel a number of frequent myths.

Card Counting Myths

Before we start lets dispel 2 prevalent myths about card counting:

One. Card counters usually do not memorize each and every card they have seen dealt out of a deck or shoe, and card counting isn’t going to should be complicated.

In actuality, basic systems might be really effective. It may be the logic the system is based upon, NOT its complexity that makes a program successful.

Two. Card counting also will not allow a gambler to foresee with certainty what card will be dealt out the deck next.

Card counting is simply a probability theory NOT a predictive theory.

Even though it puts the odds in your favor longer term, short-term losing periods occur for ALL gamblers, so be prepared!

1. Why card counting functions

Players who use correct pontoon strategy with a card counting process can beat the casinos edge.

The reason for this is simple. Low cards favor the dealer in blackjack, and great cards favor the player.

Low cards favor the croupier because they assist him generate succeeding totals on his hands when he is stiff, (has a 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 value on his 1st two cards).

Two. Card Counting Your Edge more than the Croupier

In gambling house black-jack, it is possible to stand in your stiffs if you want to, but the croupier cannot. He has no selection to generate except you do, and herein is your advantage.

Rules of the casino game need that he hit his stiffs no matter how rich the deck is in great cards that will bust him.

It may be the simple fact that you may have choices and he will not, which can give you the advantage in blackjack.

3. Card Counting Increasing The Odds Of Hitting a Blackjack

The great cards favor the player not only because they may bust the dealer when he hits his stiffs, but because the tens and Aces create blackjacks.

Although blackjacks are of course, evenly distributed between the dealer and the gambler, the vital fact is that the player is paid additional (three to two) when he gets a blackjack.

Four. You Do not Must Depend All the Cards

In card counting, you do not need to depend the numbers of each of the individual card values in order to know when you might have an advantage more than the gambling den.

You only ought to know when the deck is rich or inadequate in good cards i.e the cards favorable to the player.

Five. Card Counting – You Need to Act In your Advantages!

Card counting by itself can reveal when you’ve got an advantage, except to maximize your profits you ought to vary your bet size up when you may have an advantages and down whenever you don’t.

For card counting, to become efficient you should ACT and capitalize on the situations which are favorable to you.

6. Card Counting Approach Study It In five Minutes!

So how does a twenty-one gambler actually card rely?

There are lots of unique methods; some are challenging to master, although several are easier to learn.

In fact, you’ll be able to discover a uncomplicated effective card counting procedure in just 5 minutes!

23 Oct 10

Without question, one of the most fun games at the gambling establishment is Pontoon. Giving you the opportunity to wager on for hours on a limited cash flow if played properly, it is no wonder that gambling establishments often feature far more Chemin de fer tables than any other game. In this article, we’ll aid you to tighten up your casino game to guarantee that you simply receive the best results you’ll be able to when embarking on a trip to the tables.

- Regardless of how seductive it might be, regardless of what the dealer is holding, never split a pair of tens. This doesn’t only apply to the 10 card; any card with a valuation of ten, from the actual 10 up to kings really shoudn’t be split. A 20 is merely too strong of a hand to take a chance on when it comes to splitting.

- If you have a pair of aces or even a pair of 8’s, you really should split, irrespective of what cards the dealer is showing. Splitting aces can result in two blackjacks, which would increase your funds, and sixteen can be a hard hand to play. For that reason, whenever you get a pair of 8’s, split them; there is a excellent opportunity that you’ll end up obtaining 18 on at least one of the hands, as compared to playing off the 16, which is a fool’s wager.

- Insurance is for suckers, unless you are counting cards. The odds work against the gambler when gambling on insurance, and for that reason, few individuals ever choose to take the gamble.

- If your hand is in between 13 and 16, hope is not lost, as long as the dealer has a six or lower showing. In this scenario, you ought to stay, simply because the croupier is likely to bust, as are you in case you try to hit. While it may possibly be a pain to sit on such a low hand, much more frequently then not, it pays-out when the croupier busts.

- If the dealer’s shown card is a ten, you should continue to hit your hand until it totals 17 or above. In the event you stay on any less than 17, you run a substantial probability of losing, as you should always assume that the dealer’s down-card is often a 10, which is the most frequently occurring card in Blackjack.

- If the dealer’s up-card can be a 4, a 5, or possibly a six, you really should stand on a hard 12. A ‘hard’ twelve means that you simply do not have an ace that it is possible to use as an eleven or perhaps a one.

Abide by these hints, and you will discover that your chemin de fer succeeding possibilities can go through the ceiling!

21 Oct 10

Card counting does put the percentages in the favor of blackjack players nonetheless you will discover common misconceptions about card counting that may and do cause players to lose.

If you want to win at black-jack and do card counting then it really is important you don’t believe these 4 myths:

The A lot more complex the technique the much better

A counting cards program that’s sophisticated would not guarantee it will likely be far more successful than a simpler one there is no link between how sophisticated a technique is and its success.

It is the logic that the counting cards system is based upon that is important.

You’ll find highly complex theories we have seen that take weeks to learn, that are less efficient than a straightforward system you may discover in close to fifteen minutes.

Don’t be fooled by sales pitches, the reality sometimes would not match the hype.

Card counting is predictive

Card counting, would not enable blackjack gamblers to predict with certainty what card is going to be dealt out of the deck next. It really is merely a probability theory

Twenty-one counting cards tries to crudely calculate the chances of various cards coming out of the deck.

There are huge amount of permutations, so even if the percentages are in your favor doesn’t imply you will win in the quick name due to the modest advantage you are wagering with.

Card counting is quick an easy strategy to produce profits

Pontoon players who card count can wager on with a positive edge and the odds in their favor longer name but this isn’t going to imply that income is going to be made easily or regularly.

Anything can and does occur in the quick name and a gambler will have to wager on for literally thousands of hours to see the positive expectation take affect.

Keep in mind we are only talking a tiny advantage of around 1.5 %, the smallness of the edge will see wildly fluctuating outcomes in the brief phrase and any twenty-one gambler needs to be prepared with an sufficient bankroll.

Pontoon counting cards doesn’t work in all casinos!

Why? Because they’ve diverse principles, so you will need to be very careful that you pick a casino game using the policies as a lot in favor of gamblers as possible.

Here are several guidelines that are favorable to the gambler and the impact they’ve longer time period in terms of odds of success.

Early surrender 0.62 percent

Late surrender Single deck 0.02 %

Double down after splitting 0.13 per-cent

Drawing to split aces point one four %

Re splitting of aces 0.03 per-cent

Double down cards any quantity point two per cent

2:1 payoff chemin de fer 2.32 percent

Here are a number of rules that are unfavorable to the player.

two decks (v single) -0.35 %

4 decks (v single) -0.51 %

6 decks (v single) -point six per-cent

pairs no re splitting -point zero five per-cent

No doubling on tough eleven -0.89 per cent

No doubling on very difficult 10 -0.56 %

No doubling on challenging nine -0.14 per-cent

No doubling soft hands -0.14 percent

Croupier hits soft seventeen -0.20 per-cent

Croupier takes no hole card -point one three %

As you can see the rules of the casino game are incredibly crucial and you will need to pay using the most favorable ones you are able to find.

Prolonged phrase profits black-jack card counting

If you are going to try and make earnings counting cards you require to take note of all of the above and be prepared to bet on for lengthy periods, with an adequate bankroll and have a program your comfortable with.

Do that and your well on the solution to making big income from black jack!

19 Oct 10

[ English ]

Though it most likely will take newcomers weeks to genuinely master the art and casino game of poker, learning how to wager on and win in chemin de fer only will take a couple of minutes of the time. This is indeed good news that several individuals will welcome hearing. If you’re interested in trying online wagering because it is the nearest thing to traveling to a gambling den – some thing you can not afford to do suitable now for a few reason or an additional – and yet you’re unwilling to risk more than you can afford, look no more. Blackjack is indeed the casino game that you ought to learn to wager on!

The Game of Blackjack

In contrast to the a lot of and usually overlapping guidelines of poker, there is nothing about black jack that ought to confuse you. In chemin de fer, what you see is what you receive and there’s no will need at all to practice bluffing because all you might have to worry about is beating the dealer’s cards and in this case, it ought to be the dealer who must be very good at bluffing.

The objective of the game is clear cut and straightforward – your cards must be equal to twenty one and the player with cards of this worth or 1 closest to it (your cards must never value over twenty one or that signifies you lose the game) wins. The moment your cards go over 21, it signifies you’ve busted and you might have to turn over your cards – and your cash – to the croupier.

How Do You Know How Very much Your Cards Are Worth?

Again, it really is fairly simple to know the value of the cards in black-jack. The face cards are equal to 10 although the ace may well be seen as one or eleven. If, for instance, you manage to get a queen and an ace, do count the ace as eleven right away so that you’d reach the succeeding value of 21.

How Significantly Really should You Wager

Okay, you may possibly be tired of hearing the word "easy" from me except I will repeat it all of the same, this time in connection with wagering rules – it’s extremely simple to understand the gambling rules of black-jack.

Prior to the croupier starts dealing cards, you’re obligated to place your wager on the designated space in the table first. Secondly, you are given the option to take insurance or not if and when the dealer shows an ace. The insurance must not exceed one half of his bet. If the dealer ends up with a blackjack, you get your money back. But if he doesn’t, the money is his.

17 Oct 10

There are numerous pontoon myths, beneath we have outlined the most typical ones and these myths aren’t just believed by novice players.

Whatever your betting experience, the 10 pontoon myths beneath will cost you money, so produce certain you keep away from them!

Black-jack card counting is sure fire way of making money

This pontoon delusion is only partially accurate in that the answer is yes, except most players have the time period wrong.

You can not look at it from anything except a long period of betting and we are talking thousands of hands. Quick time period losses do come and do last an extended time

Twenty-one card counting is often a predictive theory

The over chemin de fer delusion stems from the above several individuals imagine card counting is a predictive principle, it isn’t.

Blackjack card counting is simply a probability theory and can’t with any certainty tell you what cards are coming from the deck.

All it can do is put the odds within your favor in excess of the longer term.

The aim of pontoon would be to acquire as close to 21 as possible

This will not be the object of the casino game; it is just to beat the dealer’s hand, nothing more.

Generally, the very best technique is always to stand depending in your hand and the dealer’s up card.

Numerous gamblers reduce a hand because they hit their fingers, when according to basic technique they statistically must stand and this remains one of the most common blackjack myths

Bad gamblers have an effect on wager on

Other gamblers have no effect on your winning longer term.

It can be true that bad plays made by novice gamblers can influence the outcome of a hand for all other gamblers at the table but it has been be proved that the converse is genuine and could result in the entire table winning.

Take insurance

Insurance coverage can be a negative bet in blackjack.

If a gambler were to take insurance when they had a pontoon, then they would be giving up 13% of the profit of every blackjack they draw.

For a player to break even with insurance, they would have to guess correctly one in 3 times, and these odds for a longer period phrase don’t favor the player.

Only if you might be an experienced card counter need to you contemplate taking insurance and usually the advice for most gamblers is doing.

The croupier is Scorching

Putting it in uncomplicated terms, when you might be winning, the cards in the deck are in your favor, and when there not you are most likely losing.

Croupiers in pontoon have no choices to generate; they follow the house rules to the letter.

A gambler does have selections, and it really is these alternatives that determine how successful they’re make the proper ones and success follows generate the wrong ones and the converse is true.

The chemin de fer fable of the dealer is "hot" is usually a sign of frustration, or characteristic of gamblers who believe in lady luck.

Players entering in the middle of a shoe can cause you to shed

This is just the same as a player taking an extra card, or a player leaving in the middle of the game. Neither of these events will cause you to lose.

That you are due a win soon.

The dealer has won seven arms on the trot, so you might be bound to win soon. Read the chemin de fer fable the croupier is "hot" and you will see why this is not true.

The chances of winning the next hand for any player is an independent event of what happened previously.

In excess of the long run the number of hands a gambler will win will be about 48%, but it is over the Extremely for a longer period term.

In the brief name say a few hands, the previous arms are irrelevant in terms of the probability of succeeding or losing. The odds are in the players favor over the longer term so think thousands rather than single figures.

The deuce is probably the most favorable card for a croupier

We notice the deuce because it makes the croupiers hand frequently, it truly is only one card that will "bust" the hand, (10), if the value is 12.

Mathematically though, gamblers shed much more when the "up card" the croupier has is an Ace or a 10.

Don’t consider in the blackjack fable of the deuce it is simply not true.

Don’t split nine,9 against a dealer’s 9, you are producing two negative palms

When the player has nine … nine against the dealer’s nine, the gambler has a total of 18.

This doesn’t beat 19 as most players assume that the dealer has a 10 in the hole.

It truly is proven mathematically a gambler will shed less money by splitting the 9’s than by electing to stand.

Twenty-one big profits in excess of the long run may be yours

Pontoon is actually a casino game where you’ll be able to gain a sportive edge over the casino more time term.

Quite a few of the chemin de fer myths over are related to gamblers wanting to hurry their winnings, be patient avoid the chemin de fer myths over and also you could become a long name winner at blackjack.

14 Oct 10

[ English ]

Wenn Sie den Nervenkitzel und Abenteuer eines großen Kartenspiel und die Erwartung des Gewinnens und machen etwas Bargeld mit den Chancen zu Ihren Gunsten, Wetten am 21 wie für Sie.

Also, wie können Sie den Dealer zu schlagen?

Grundsätzlich beim Spielen auf chemin de fer du zu den Risiken und Chancen der Karten schauen in Bezug auf:

1. Die Karten in der Hand

2. Welche Karten können aus dem Schuh kommen

Wenn Sie spielen auf chemin de fer ist mathematisch eine beste Weg, um jede Hand spielen, und dies wird als grundlegende Strategie bezeichnet. Wenn Sie Kartenzählen hinzufügen, dass hilft Ihnen berechnen die Quoten der Karten kommen aus dem Deck, dann können Sie Ihr Wetteinsatz erhöhen, wenn die Kante zu Ihren Gunsten ist und sie senken, wenn der Rand nicht.

Sie sind nur gehen, um die Hälfte der Hände, wenn Sie wetten auf Sieg, so ist es wichtig, dass Sie Wette Größe, wenn die Chancen zu Ihren Gunsten anpassen.

Um dies zu tun beim Spielen auf Blackjack, sollten Sie grundlegende Strategie und Kartenzählen zu gewinnen verwenden.

grundlegende Strategie und Kartenzählen

Da Fachleute und Wissenschaftler haben untersucht worden vingt-et-un allerlei komplizierte Systeme entstanden sind, einschließlich, aber nicht "Zählen der Karten", aber obwohl die Theorie komplexer Zählen der Karten begrenzt ist alles in allem sehr einfach, wenn Sie wetten auf Blackjack.

Wenn bei der Wiedergabe von 21 Karten zählen Sie effektiv (auch wenn das Spiel mehrere Decks) verwendet, können Sie die Chancen zu Ihren Gunsten zu ändern.

21 Grundlegende Strategie

Chemin de fer grundlegende Strategie stützt sich auf ein unkomplizierter Ansatz, wie Sie wetten auf den Karten, die Sie erhalten je angehäuft und ist statistisch die beste Hand, während nicht Kartenzählen spielen. Es sagt Ihnen, bei Wetten auf Blackjack, wenn Sie benötigen zu schlagen oder zu halten.

Es ist sehr einfach zu tun und ist bald auswendig gelernt und bis dahin können Sie kostenlose Karten zu finden bekommen

Verwenden, wenn Sie auf Blackjack Wette senken wird das Casino's Edge in der Nähe noch.

Karte das Zählen immer die Chancen zu Ihren Gunsten

Karte das Zählen Werke und Spieler eine Karte das Zählen Ansatz einen Vorteil gegenüber der Spielhalle.

Die Überlegung dahinter ist einfach.

Low-Karten für den Croupier in chemin de fer und hohe Karten für die Spieler.

Low-Karten für das Haus, weil sie sie machen Gewinn beläuft sich auf ihre Hände Beihilfe, wenn er steif ist (hat einen zwölf, dreizehn, vierzehn, 15, oder 16 insgesamt auf ihren ersten 2 Karten).

Im Casino 21, können Sie auf Ihrem Stiffs, wenn Sie wählen bleiben, aber der Croupier kann es nicht.

Sie hat keine Entscheidung zu treffen, aber Sie tun, und das ist Ihr Vorteil. Die Regeln für Wetten auf 2001 erfordern, dass die Händler Stiffs egal wie geladen Deck in hohen Karten betroffen, die Büste ihn.

Die hohe Karten für die Spieler, weil sie pleite das Casino, wenn sie können ihre Hits stiffs und auch, weil beide Zehner und Asse bedeuten Totschläger.

Obwohl Totschläger, sind zu gleichen Teilen zwischen dem Casino und dem Spieler verteilt, ist die Tatsache, dass die Spieler mehr (3:2), als er einen Blackjack erhält so der Spieler hat eine Kante wird bezahlt.

Sie haben nicht zu addieren Sie die Zahlen jedes der einzelnen Karten, um zu wissen, wenn Sie einen Vorteil gegenüber dem Croupier zu haben.

Sie müssen nur an welcher Stelle der Schuh Flush oder reduziert in hohem Karten und Sie können Ihren Einsatz erhöhen, wenn die Erwartung zu Ihren Gunsten zu kennen.

Dies ist eine grundlegende Erklärung, wie card-counting-Systeme arbeiten, sondern vermittelt Ihnen ein Verständnis, wie sich die Logik funktioniert.

Bei der Wiedergabe von 21 über die längerfristige Karte wird bei der Verlagerung die Chancen zu Ihren Gunsten von rund 2 Prozent zu unterstützen.

14 Oct 10

[ English ]

Si te gusta la emoción y la aventura de un juego de cartas grandes y la expectativa de ganar y hacer algo de dinero con las probabilidades a su favor, el 21 de apuestas es para usted.

Así que, ¿cómo se puede batir al distribuidor?

Básicamente, cuando los juegos de azar en el chemin de fer que busca en los riesgos y las posibilidades de las cartas en relación con:

1. Las cartas de tu mano

2. ¿Qué tarjetas puede provenir de la zapata

Cuando los juegos de azar en el chemin de fer no es matemáticamente una mejor manera de jugar cada mano y esto se conoce como estrategia básica. Si agrega el conteo de cartas que le ayuda a calcular las probabilidades de tarjetas que salen de la cubierta, entonces usted puede aumentar su apuesta cuando el borde es a su favor y disminuir cuando el borde no lo es.

Sólo se le va a ganar menos de la mitad de la apuesta en las manos, por lo que es importante ajustar tamaño de la apuesta cuando las probabilidades están a su favor.

Para hacer esto cuando el juego de blackjack debe utilizar la estrategia básica y de contar cartas para ganar.

estrategia fundamental y de conteo de cartas

Ya que los profesionales y académicos han estado investigando vingt-et-un todo tipo de sistemas complejos han surgido, incluyendo pero no limitado a "contar las cartas", pero a pesar de que la teoría es complejo contar las cartas es todo en todo muy fácil que cuando se apuesta en el Blackjack.

Si al jugar 21 que contar con la tarjeta de manera efectiva (incluso si el juego utiliza varias cubiertas), puede cambiar las probabilidades a su favor.

21 Estrategia Básica

Chemin de fer estrategia básica es aglomerados en torno a un enfoque sofisticado de cómo se apuesta en función de las cartas que recibe y es estadísticamente la mejor mano para jugar sin contar las cartas. Te dice cuando las apuestas en el blackjack cuando usted tenga que pulsar o mantener.

Es muy simple de hacer y pronto memorizados y hasta entonces se puede obtener tarjetas de cortesía en la web

Usarlo cuando se apuesta en el blackjack hará bajar la ventaja del casino a cerca de cero.

De conteo de cartas a encontrar las probabilidades a su favor

Funcionamiento de la tarjeta de conteo y los jugadores utilizar una tarjeta que cuenta la ganancia enfoque de una ventaja sobre la sala de juego.

El razonamiento detrás de esto es simple.

cartas bajas favorecen al crupier en el chemin de fer y cartas altas favorecen al jugador.

tarjetas bajas favorecen la casa, ya que ayuda a tomar ganancias totales en sus manos cuando está dura (tiene una niña de doce, trece, catorce, quince, o 16 en total en sus 2 primeras cartas).

En el casino de 21 años, puede permanecer en su fiambres, si lo desea, pero el crupier no puede.

Ella no tiene la decisión de hacer, pero lo hace y esta es su ventaja. Las reglas de las apuestas veintiuno requiere que los comerciantes afectados fiambres no importa cómo cargar la cubierta es en tarjetas de alta que el busto de él.

Las tarjetas de alta a favor del jugador, ya que pueden reventar el casino cuando afecta a sus fiambres y también porque los dos decenas y media de ases cachiporras.

A pesar de cachiporras, distribuida por igual entre el casino y el jugador, el hecho es que el jugador se le paga más (3:2) cuando recibe una porra para que el jugador tiene una ventaja.

Usted no tiene que sumar los números de cada una de las tarjetas individuales con el fin de saber cuando se tiene una ventaja sobre el croupier.

Usted sólo necesita saber en qué momento el zapato es de color o reducido en las tarjetas de alta y puede elevar su apuesta cuando la expectativa es a su favor.

Esta es una explicación básica de cómo contar cartas sistemas de trabajo, pero le da una comprensión de cómo funciona la lógica.

Durante la reproducción de 21 sobre el conteo de cartas a más largo plazo ayudará a cambiar la balanza a su favor en aproximadamente un 2 por ciento.

14 Oct 10

[ English ]

Si vous aimez les sensations fortes et d'aventures d'un super jeu de cartes et l'anticipation de gagner et de faire un peu d'argent avec la chance en votre faveur, paris, le 21 est pour vous.

Alors, comment pouvez-vous battre le croupier?

Fondamentalement, quand le jeu sur le chemin de fer que vous cherchez sur les risques et les chances de les cartes en ce qui concerne:

1. Les cartes dans votre main

2. Quelles sont les cartes pourrait provenir de la chaussure

Quand le jeu sur le chemin de fer il ya mathématiquement une meilleure façon de jouer chaque main et c'est ce qu'on appelle stratégie de base. Si vous ajoutez le compte de carte qui vous permet de calculer la probabilité de cartes sortant du pont, puis vous pouvez augmenter le montant de votre pari quand le bord est en votre faveur et les diminuer lorsque le bord n'est pas.

Vous allez seulement à gagner moins de la moitié des mains vous pariez sur, il est donc important que vous ajuster la taille de pari quand les chances sont en votre faveur.

Pour ce faire lorsque le jeu sur le Blackjack, vous devez utiliser la stratégie de base et de comptage de cartes pour gagner.

stratégie fondamentale et de comptage de cartes

Puisque les professionnels et les universitaires ont étudié vingt-et-un toutes sortes de systèmes complexes sont apparus, y compris mais non limité à "compter les cartes», mais même si la théorie est complexe le comptage des cartes est tout en tous très facile quand vous pariez sur le Blackjack.

Si lors de la lecture 21 vous compter les cartes de manière efficace (même si le jeu utilise à plusieurs ponts), vous pouvez modifier les chances de votre côté.

21 Stratégie de base

stratégie de Chemin de fer de base est amassé autour d'une approche simpliste de la façon dont vous jouez selon les cartes que vous recevez et il est statistiquement la meilleure main pour jouer la carte comptant alors pas. Il vous indique quand parier sur le blackjack lorsque vous devez frapper, retenir.

Il est très simple à faire et est bientôt mémorisé et jusque-là, vous pouvez obtenir des cartes gratuit sur le web

L'utiliser quand vous misez sur le blackjack fera baisser l'avantage du casino à proximité de l'équilibre.

Le comptage des cartes obtenir la chance en votre faveur

Fonctionnement de la carte de comptage et de joueurs d'utiliser une approche gain de comptage de cartes un avantage sur la salle de jeux.

Le raisonnement derrière cela est simple.

Cartes basses faveur du croupier en chemin de fer et des cartes de haute faveur du joueur.

cartes à faible faveur de la maison, car ils aident à prendre des totaux de points gagnés sur ses mains quand il est raide (a douze, treize, quatorze, 15 ou 16 au total sur ses 2 premières cartes).

Dans Casino 21, vous pouvez rester sur vos macchabées si vous le souhaitez, mais le croupier ne peut pas.

Elle n'a pas de décision à prendre, mais tu fais et c'est là votre avantage. Les règles de paris sur les vingt-on exiger que les distributeurs frappé macchabées, peu importe comment chargé le pont est dans les cartes haut qui le buste.

Les cartes de haute faveur du joueur, car ils peuvent le buste du casino quand elle frappe les macchabées et aussi parce que des dizaines et des Aces signifie gourdins.

Bien que les matraques sont, également répartis entre le casino et le joueur, le fait est que le joueur est payé plus (3:2) quand il reçoit un blackjack si le joueur a un avantage.

Vous n'avez pas à additionner les chiffres de chaque individu de la carte afin de savoir quand vous avez un avantage sur le croupier.

Vous avez juste besoin de savoir à quel point la chaussure est au même niveau ou réduit dans les cartes haut et vous pouvez augmenter votre mise lorsque l'attente est en votre faveur.

Il s'agit d'une explication de base de la façon dont la carte de travail de comptage des systèmes, mais vous donne une compréhension de la façon dont la logique fonctionne.

Lors de la lecture 21 sur le comptage des cartes à plus long terme aidera à passer de la chance en votre faveur d'environ 2 pour cent.

14 Oct 10

[ English ]

Se ti piace il brivido e l'avventura di un grande gioco di carte e l'anticipazione di vincere e di fare qualche soldo con le probabilità a tuo favore, scommesse su 21 è per voi.

Quindi, come si può battere il banco?

Fondamentalmente, quando il gioco d'azzardo su chemin de fer si sta esaminando i rischi e le opportunità delle carte in relazione a:

1. Le carte in mano

2. Quali sono le carte che può venire dalla scarpa

Quando il gioco d'azzardo su chemin de fer è matematicamente un modo migliore di giocare ogni mano e si parla di strategia di base. Se si aggiunge il conteggio delle carte che ti aiuta a calcolare le probabilità di carte venuta fuori dal mazzo, allora si può aumentare la somma scommessa quando il bordo è a tuo favore e diminuiscono quando il bordo non lo è.

Siete solo andando a vincere meno della metà le mani si scommettere su, quindi è importante che si regolano scommessa dimensioni quando le probabilità sono a tuo favore.

Per fare questo, quando il gioco d'azzardo blackjack si dovrebbe utilizzare la strategia di base e di conteggio delle carte per vincere.

strategia di fondo e di conteggio delle carte

Dal momento che i professionisti e gli accademici hanno studiato Vingt-et-un tutti i tipi di sistemi complicati sono sorte, incluso ma non limitato a "contare le carte", ma anche se la teoria è complessa contare le carte è tutto in tutto molto facile quando scommettere su Blackjack.

Se durante la riproduzione di 21 carte si contano in modo efficace (anche se il gioco utilizza vari ponti), è possibile modificare le probabilità a tuo favore.

21 strategia di base

Chemin de fer strategia di base è raccolto intorno ad un approccio sofisticato di come scommessa a seconda delle carte che riceve ed è statisticamente la mano migliore per giocare senza contare le carte. Si dice quando le scommesse sulle blackjack quando è necessario colpire o detenere.

E 'molto semplice da fare ed è presto memorizzato e fino ad allora è possibile ottenere le carte in omaggio sul web

Utile quando si scommette su blackjack porterà verso il basso margine del casinò a vicino al pari.

Il conteggio delle carte ottenere le probabilità a tuo favore

opere di conteggio delle carte e giocatori utilizzano un conteggio di guadagno approccio carta un vantaggio rispetto alla sala da gioco.

Il ragionamento dietro questo è semplice.

Carte basse favoriscono il croupier di chemin de fer e carte alte favore del giocatore.

Carte basse favoriscono la casa perché gli aiuti li rendono totale delle vincite sulle sue mani quando è rigida (è a dodici, tredici, quattordici, 15, o 16 in totale i suoi primi 2 schede).

Nel casino 21, si può rimanere sul tuo braccianti, se si sceglie di, ma il croupier non può.

Lei non ha alcuna decisione da prendere, ma che fai e questo è il vostro vantaggio. Le norme di scommesse su 21 richiedono che i concessionari hit cadaveri non importa quanto caricato il ponte è in carte alte che busto di lui.

Le carte alte favoriscono il giocatore perché può busto del casino quando colpisce i loro cadaveri e anche perché entrambe le decine e Assi media manganelli.

Anche se sono manganelli, equamente distribuiti tra il casinò e il giocatore, il fatto è che il giocatore viene pagato di più (3:2), quando riceve un blackjack in modo che il giocatore ha un vantaggio.

Non c'è bisogno di aggiungere i numeri di ciascuna delle singole carte per sapere quando si ha un vantaggio rispetto al croupier.

Hai solo bisogno di sapere a che punto la scarpa è a filo o ridotte in carte alte e si può elevare la vostra scommessa quando l'aspettativa è a tuo favore.

Questa è una spiegazione di base di come conteggio delle carte di lavoro dei sistemi, ma ti dà una comprensione di come funziona la logica.

Durante la riproduzione di 21 sul conteggio delle carte a lungo termine contribuirà a spostare le probabilità a tuo favore di circa il 2 per cento.

12 Oct 10

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